Pehredaar season 4 webseries all episodes and seasons prime play 2023.

All right, your journey is not going to be long here. Prime play app people had announced that we are bringing Pehredaar Season 4. Finally we got to see a small teaser of this series yesterday and I looked carefully at this teacher and what did I like about this teaser? What will be shown to you people in this prime play web series, today I am going to tell you in this article. So let’s start the blog quickly.

In this Pehredaar season 4, we will get to see a tremendous starcast. The starcast of this series is very good and beautiful. In this, old actors are there in this series, along with it new actors have also been kept. So you guys understand what this means. The happiness that we were getting in the first season, now more happiness is going to come in this Pehredaar season 4. In this series, you will get to see Rani Pari in the lead cast and Shyna Khatri will also be seen along with it. And you all know who the actors Shyna Khatri are!

Shyna khatri has given excellent performances in all the previous seasons of Pehredaar.

Now don’t know why I am feeling like this after seeing the teaser of the series? The talk is not going to stop for long. Beyond this, we will get to see something in this series and here many people were saying that Rani Pari and Shyna Khatri have been kept in the series once again. It may not be that much fun watching this, so let me tell you that Rani Pari and Shyna Khatri will be seen in this webseries for a limited time.

After that, the story of the series will move forward with new actors. If it happens that the Prime play people leave the old actors and promote new actors, then this series will prove to be a super hit.

Now talking about the release date of Pehredaar season 4, you will get to watch this series on Prime app on June 14. So far only the teaser of this series has been released. Let the trailer come then we will talk about this webseries properly. So this was just that little update that I wanted to give to you guys.

Story Fantasy
and Dramatic
Released Platform NamePrime play app
LanguageHindi, tamil, talagu, Bhujpuri, Bangali,
Released date28 May 2023
Totally Budget53 lakh inr Rupees.
Episodes Total  3 episodes. 
Running time22 to 27  Minutes
Director NameSudhir Mishra
Actress and Actor NamesRani Pari.
Shyna khatri.
Bharti Jha.

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